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Tips for a Healthy Spine

Tips for a Healthy Spine
Preventative care can save you future pain, money and time.

The spine is an essential part of the nervous system.  It is located in the spinal canal and the nerves that branch out from the spine extend to every muscle and organ of the body.  When the spine is damaged it can severely limit mobility and even cause paralysis.  It is therefore important to take care of your back and spine.   Listed below are a few good tips to maintain spine health.

The number one technique is exercise.  Consistently following a regimen including cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching exercises is a great way to take care of your back.  Always remember that using proper technique is essential.  Performing exercises incorrectly will not only be fruitless in your attempts for spine health but can also damage your back.

Another important thing you can do is sit/stand with good posture.  Slouching adds extra strain to your spine and pulls it in the wrong directions.  Standing and sitting up straight keeps your spine at the ideal level.  This will also help strengthen your core muscles.

The position you sleep in also affects your spine.  Proper spine support while sleeping can help prevent back pain and muscle soreness.  The best positions to sleep in are flat on your back or on your side.  These positions do the best job in relieving the pressure on your spine.  You should avoid sleeping on your stomach if possible.  Sleeping on your stomach can twist and damage the spine and neck over time.

When lifting heavy items remember to always lift with your knees and not your back.  This is the most common avoidable cause of back and spine injuries.

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